Memorandum is a hybrid theatre performance: part memoir, part poem, part kaddish. Using a radical audio structure in which live and pre-recorded narratives simultaneously intersect, converge and diverge, Memorandum examines the ways our memories deform and become misshapen over time, how truths and fictions unknowingly intertwine.    
© Kate Hunter 2013
'Kate Hunter conjures striking images … the final image is haunting.'
Rebecca Harkins-Cross, The Age.
Solo performer Kate Hunter creates an intimate, immersive and disturbing piece, driven by a compelling soundscape and a striking visual design, in which one woman lays bare the gothic, peculiar, and slightly neurotic world of remembering and forgetting.
Concept, creation, audiovisual design, performance: Kate Hunter  
Lighting design: Richard Vabre​

'Hunter's … words have that trained liveness … to allow each recollection a moment's return.'John Bailey, RealTime​​.
'Hunter's performance is outstanding…a compelling self examination of one's own mind and memory.'Lisa Romeo, Toorak Times.